High standards - for us and your company

How good you really are can only be known when you are subject to regular tests - this applies in economy as well as in competitive sports. And just like in sports, the increasing internationalization leads to an enormous increase of the requirements in the area of accounting.

In addition to the normal auditing activities, we have also been subject to the required quality control for auditors (peer review) in 2003 according to § 57a WPO. According to this, we are entitled to also execute peer review for other auditors.

The Jakob Auditing AG mainly audits annual financial statements from private and public companies or institutions - from the mandatory auditing up to the voluntary or statutory auditing. Special, foundation as well as embezzlement audits and due diligences also belong to the services of our multi-lingual team of experts, which provides their know-how on a daily basis. Rating questions and expert opinions are a challenge, which we take daily with great enthusiasm – and next time maybe for you!

Range of services

  • Annual financial statements
  • Due diligence checks incl. Corporate evaluations
  • Restructuring / redevelopment audits
  • Rating creation
  • Special audits

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Hans-Günter Jakob

Auditor, Tax consultant

Carsten Ewald

Auditor, Tax consultant

Philipp Hofmann

Auditor, CISA