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Those who want to win a race do not just get into their car and put the pedal to the metal: consistent training and long-termed strategies guarantee sustainable success.

That is why Jakob & Sozien is more than just a firm for tax consultation and auditing: Thanks to our associates MIC Corporate Finance, we assist our clients in all matters relating the purchase or sale of companies or parts of companies, in succession plannings, raisings of funds and capital as well as in restructuring.

MIC Corporate Finance considers itself a partner of medium sized businesses and traditional family companies and combines many years of experience with proven transactional expertise.

Rely on more than three decades of expertise and experience - both for selling companies or investing and financing decisions. So your accountant developes to a real business consultant and gives your company a true growth factor. MIC Corporate Finance supports, among others, the following topics:

MIC Corporate Finance supports its clients with advice on the purchase or sale of companies or part of companies, succession planning and corporate recovery.

Convince yourself of our comprehensive range of services.

Offer of MIC Corporate Finance

  • M&A Transactions
  • Successing planning
  • Restructuring
  • Raising Funds and Capital
  • Evaluations of companies

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