International Office

Internationalize your business and take your chances worldwide

Act Internationally is very important for many medium-sized companies.

In order to accompany you with best services for your international business, we have established the International Office at Jakob & Sozien.

We provide you with the necessary german tax know-how and take responsibility for all legal correspondence with german tax authority offices.

Jakob & Sozien is directly connected to the german tax authority office in Kassel (Finanzamt Kassel II Hofgeismar), which is responsible for all sales tax regulations for spanish, portuguese and croatian companies selling and trading in Germany.

We provide you with a business gateway to Germany and Europe.

Range of services

  • Correspondence with german tax authorithy
  • Handling of sales tax transactions
    (with focus on spanish, portugues and
    croatian companies selling in Germany)
  • International tax- and legal support


  • Identification and selection of Investors
  • Identification of project/partners/clients or suppliers
  • Founding and legal construction in Germany to set up a local company
  • Qualified support in operating your business abroad
  • Implementation of controlling systems

Contact us

Christoph Jakob

Tax consultant

Carsten Ewald

Auditor, Tax consultant

Johanna Jakob

Tax consultant