What sets us apart as an employer

Shared values

Team players at heart

We are team players at heart. And not just because of our founding family’s love for sports. But above all, because it is this sporting spirit that sums up everything that pushes us: Our unwavering desire for success. Always with one goal: to find the best solution, to be a trailblazer and motivator at the same time. With a true passion for all topics surrounding auditing and tax consulting, accounting, and business consulting.

Your hard work should pay off

It is absolutely crucial to us that our employees share in our success. Your commitment should be rewarded. But we never allow our competitive spirit to overshadow our team spirit. We all need to pull on the same rope for us for us to come out victorious and surpass ourselves.

Jakob & Chiara

“I switched to Jakob und Sozien during the second year of my apprenticeship. Looking back, it was the best decision I could possibly have made. Here, I have found my passion: tasks that challenge me and working together with people who are just as motivated as I am.”

Chiara Trombello, Assistant Tax Consultant at Jakob & Sozien

A second-generation family firm

We’re a family business. And have been for over 40 years. To us, family means stability, trust, and standing together. Now in the second-generation of family ownership, we want to share this family spirit with our colleagues and the rest of the world. That’s why our employees enjoy full flexibility when it comes to the needs of their own family.

Trust and dependability

We accompany employees during all stages of life. With cohesion and trust. To create a healthy sense of stability for our over 60 employees in Baunatal, Kassel, and Berlin.
Welcome to the Jakob family.

Jakob & Birgit

“I’ve been in the business since 1979. Recently, I’ve made the daunting step to change employers: leaving a small firm to join Jakob & Sozien. My new colleagues were incredibly welcoming. And this sense of people sticking together makes me certain that I’ve made the right decision.”

Birgit Rumpf, Assistant Tax Consultant at Jakob & Sozien

Space to go your own way.

We love to breathe, in every sense of the word. Because we need to breathe for our sporting and family spirit to flourish. That’s why we believe in self-determination and ownership. Our employees are free in choosing when and where they complete their tasks. It’s the results that count – together with the path we choose to take there. It’s a path we help each other take, offering perspective and a vision that helps you grow.

That’s why we are a tight-knit group of real individuals. To make sure everyone finds the path that’s right for them.

Welcome to Jakob & Sozien.

Jakob & Christopher

“I need to be able to do things my way. Jakob & Sozien gives me the space I need to do so: to make my own decisions, take real ownership, and never stop learning while doing so. Together, we look ahead into the future, with a focus on the long term. And we always keep things fresh and exciting.”

Christopher Brede, Tax Specialist at Jakob & Sozien

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“Our team? That’s the sum of all our individual employees. If we acknowledge and appreciate every single one of us, we make an unbeatable team.”

Johanna Jakob