Tax Consulting

Managing taxes instead of reacting

Actively shaping, instead of mere managing

Tax consulting comprises more than just traversing a predefined course without any incidents: Jakob & Sozien considers itself a strategic partner, testing the waters for shallow patches, circumventing cliffs, and making sure that companies and individuals keep afloat – even during stormy weather.

Recognising opportunities

As experienced and proactive consultants, we not only focus on minimising the tax burden in the short term, but also serve as a sparring partner of our clients, highlighting potential optimisations along the way.

Consulting with a look to the future

“They always think one step ahead”. It’s not at all uncommon for our clients to utter such praise. While keeping a keen eye on any tax deadlines and specific framework conditions, we also identify possible untapped potential in the fiscal design of businesses. We are always happy to use our economic expertise to address any other issues your company might be faced with as well.

Specific tax services

  • Preparing tax returns and special-purpose balance sheets
  • Exploiting untapped fiscal potential
  • General tax consulting
  • Support and advice on external tax audits
  • Cash method of accounting

Tax-related services

  • Investment and Profitability Calculations
  • Successorship
  • Consulting on the purchasing, selling, transforming, and restructuring of companies
  • Pension Provision and Investment Consulting
  • Advice for Starting Businesses
  • Legal Representation

Your contact persons

Carsten Ewald

Wirtschaftsprüfer | Tax Consultant

Silke Mihr

Tax Consultant

Johanna Jakob

Tax Consultant

Armin Döring

Tax Consultant

Jörn Kümmel

Tax Consultant

Stay on target with us, always with a focus on possible fiscal optimisations and your personal situation.