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An athletic range

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Trust in collaboration at eye level, well-founded expertise, and interdisciplinary consulting, from auditing and tax consulting up to classical accounting and the active management of the future of your business in the form of business consulting: At Jakob & Sozien, you will get the right answer to nearly every question. In Baunatal, Kassel, Berlin and beyond. Give us a try – we love a good challenge.

Keeping an eye on all relevant factors


Diligently checking all relevant factors is key to success, in sports as in business. We make sure that all the numbers add up, even as demands increase.

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Steering instead of managing

Tax Consulting

You’re looking for a partner who will help you keep on track in whatever situation you might face? Jakob & Sozien is your team of consultants with profound expertise in all matters tax or otherwise. We will find the perfect solution for every situation.

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Always keep full control


Those who diligently carry out routine tasks will end up being more successful. We make sure you can focus on your core business, but never lose control or track of what’s going on.

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Reaching the finish line together

Corporate Finance

We support our clients as they purchase or sell companies or units, as well as during all matters surrounding succession plans, capital raising, and restructuring.

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Great advice, globally

International Network

Are you looking to do business abroad? We’ve got your back. Use our strong network that spans the globe.

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A successful launch

Startup Hub

Are you looking to outsource your administration, allowing you to focus on what’s really important? We offer young companies active support in all areas of finance and accounting.

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Always access your figures

Digital Service

In this day and age, processes are growing ever more digital. As a digital ‘DATEV’ firm, we support your transformation from classic accounting to modern, digital, and efficient accounting – every step along the way.

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Optimally designing salaries, wages and more HR Service

HR Service

We use digital solutions to take care of your ongoing payroll, salary payments, communication in the event of an audit, and much more.

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