Jakob & Sozien
Partnerschaft mbB

with Headoffice in Baunatal 

Register-Nr. PR 2869 at District Court Frankfurt a.M.


Christoph Jakob, Johanna Jakob, Carsten Ewald, 
Armin Döring, Silke Mihr and Philipp Hofmann

Wilhelmshöher Str. 1
34225 Baunatal

Phone: +49 561 - 9 49 36-0
Fax: +49 561 - 9 49 36-99
Mail: mail(at)

Our reception is available Monday to Thursdays between 7 AM - 5 PM and Fridays until 4 PM.

Professional indemnity insurance according to § 2 Abs. 1 Nr. 11 DL-Info-V
HDI Versicherung AG
HDI Platz 1
30659 Hannover

Scope (AVB WSR 558)

1. Germany

2. European countries, Turkey, the Russ. Federation and other States of the former Soviet Union and non-European territories of European countries belonging to the EU or the EEA. Insured are liability claims,
(1) which are invoked before the courts of these countries, and
(2) from the violation or non-observance of the laws of these countries.

3. For the countries not mentioned before
(1) from a business audit activity, if the contract between the policyholder and his client is based only on German law,
(2) from business-related assistance in tax matters, which relates to the tax laws of these countries, if the contract between the policyholder and his client is based only on German law. In both cases, the insurance benefit is limited to the legally required minimum sum insured

4. Worldwide for liability claims
from activities carried out via branch offices, branches or other advice centers abroad, up to a maximum amount of the legally required minimum sum insured.


Design and realization

georg design
LippstädterStraße 46
48155 Münster


Quellenangaben für die verwendeten Bilder und Grafiken:
georg design | Thomas Georg; Lichtfang Kassel-Sonja Rode; Michael Moser, Leipzig;; mobilesuite cowo GmbH;


Information in accordance with the tele-service law:

1. Responsible supervisory authorities
The supervisory authorities responsible for us include the tax consultant chamber of Hessen, Eysseneckstraße 4 in 60322 Frankfurt am Main and the auditors chamber Hessen, Böhmerstraße 11 in 60322 Frankfurt am Main.

2. Information about the legal job titles
The legal job titles "auditor" and "tax consultant" were given in the Federal Republic of Germany.

3. Information about the occupational-legal regulations and the accessibility of these regulations:

The occupational status of the tax consultant is subject to the following regulations:
a) Tax consultation law (StBerG)
b) Execution order for the tax consultation law (DVStB)
c) Occupational order for tax consultants (BOStB)
d) Tax consultant fee order (StBVV)

These important regulations are accessible to the public under ("informational material").

The occupational status of the auditor is subject to the following regulations:
a) Auditor order (WPO)
b) Occupational standards for auditors (BS WP)
c) Auditor order revision law (WPO-ÄG)
d) Regulation for quality control
e) Siegel VO
f) Auditor and occupational third party liability insurance order

These important regulations for auditors are accessible to the public under ("Service" - "Legal guidelines").

4. Information according to the Consumer Dispute Settlement Law

There is no obligation and no willingness to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer sacking agency.