Your studies at Jakob & Sozien


Why we’re great for students?

You can find your own path, we’re just here to support: you can take a left, right, or straight ahead, we’ll be there. We give you space to unfold and develop, no matter how rocky your road may be. Because the journey is the real destination. And if you’re up for it, we’ll venture down a shared path.

Because we’re partners, on an equal footing.

We think you’re important! We are convinced that you’ve got great potential. Join us to discover what you can achieve.


Your learning curve will go through the roof.

We are diverse, in terms of client structure and specialisations: from tax consulting and auditing up to business consulting and company valuations. What could be a better environment to learn and excel in and put your theoretical knowledge into practice?

Amazing perspectives.

If we’re a match, Jakob & Sozien will become Jakob & you. With amazing perspectives, that extend far beyond your degree. In the end, you decide what you want to become. And we’ll help you achieve just that. That’s our promise.

Work-study program

You’ve already completed an apprenticeship and want to add another degree to your resume? How does a work-study program sound? You’ll study at the FOM or DHBW and work around 20–30 hours a week at our office. Study, gather valuable practical experience, and earn money on top. Three birds with one stone, as it were. After roughly 7 semesters of following a work-study program in Business Administration, you’ll finish with a Bachelor of Arts degree; the Tax Law work-study program earns you a Bachelor of Laws. What’s in it for you? After your studies, you’ll be on similar footing as a tax specialist, only requiring 5, and not 10, more years of professional experience to be eligible to take the exam for tax advisors – if that’s what you’re interested in.

You can even go a step further after completing your bachelors. With a Master of Taxation. This not only sounds great, but is also an amazing step for everyone looking to take the tax consulting exam.

That’s enough theory for now. What about the practical side of things?

Your daily tasks will include, besides studying, preparing annual accounts, tax returns, and memorandums. You keep track of new laws and take care of your own clients. And are delighted by the option to study, earn money, and learn a whole lot. We’ll take care of your study fees and will spare no effort to make sure you succeed. One stone – quite a large flock of birds. What are you waiting for?

Working students

What should students look for in a job? The possibility to work in their own area of expertise is a great start – whether they’re studying economics, commercial law, commercial engineering, business administration, or computer sciences. Another plus? Directly applying what you learn at university and financing your studies at the same time. That’s what we call a real win-win. We offer you the possibility to join our company as a working student. Next to your studies, you’ll spend roughly 10–20 hours per week supporting us with annual accounts, tax returns, research, memorandums, and other daily tasks. What’s in it for us? Well, besides enjoying your win-win situation, you’ll free up some time for us to focus on our core business. We’re pretty ambitious after all. Yours too?

What we expect from you

Personal initiative & competitive spirit.

You are looking to take control. To learn and contribute. You sink your teeth into the task at hand, no matter how complex. Because your competitive spirit wants to break free, together with you.

Self-organisation & autonomy.

You are a good organiser of your own activities. You can juggle figures and projects and take ownership for what you do. And you can clearly say ‘Stop, that’s enough’ whenever it all gets a little too much.

Sociable & team spirit

Direct contact with people makes you happy. You’re a team player. You ask for advice whenever you get stuck. And you love helping wherever you’re needed most.

Jakob & Benjamin

“It took a while for me to get to Jakob & Sozien: after spending some time as a chemical engineer, I followed a work-study program in Plastics Technology before studying Commercial Engineering at Kassel University. Here, I got inspired by a lecture given by Mr Hofmann, deciding to apply with Jakob & Sozien and following a three-month internship before beginning as a working student. One thing is clear, however: I’m thankful for all the detours I’ve taken in life. They’ve shown me what really makes me happy and what’s really important to me, personally. The healthy, informal atmosphere we have at Jakob & Sozien makes me feel right at home. I’m now sure that I’ll continue down my path at Jakob & Sozien. And I’m really looking forward to it.”

Benjamin Werner, working student at Jakob & Sozien

Fun Facts & Goodies

We’ve got a swing at our office.

Really... Several swings, to be precise. At the reception of our Kassel branch. Whenever you feel like taking a break, you can just start swinging.

Australia is just two minutes away from where we are.

Because we know a shortcut. Our meeting rooms bear the names of continents. Allowing you to travel across the globe while going about your daily business.


Get ready to learn with us.

And not only from your colleagues. With us, you’ll have access to the BFD database and the latest legislation.


We’ll set sail together.

Whether during a night at the BBQ or fun canoe trips: we’re always busy planning new adventures and shared experiences. Are you game?

Jakob & you: It’s a fit?

Well, show us what you’ve got. We look forward to your application.

Show us who you are. And whether you’re the right fit for us. Submit your application documents (cover letter, CV, references) to Your personal contact Johanna Jakob will get in touch with you. If we hit it off, we look forward to getting to know you in person during an initial interview. Then, if we still think that Jakob & you are like peas in a pod, you are given the opportunity to spend some taster days with us. After all this, if it still feels like we’re a great match, your contract will be waiting for your signature. Let’s go! We look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s go! We look forward to hearing from you.