Your apprenticeship at Jakob & Sozien


Why follow an apprenticeship in our company?

Hey there. How good to see you. And to see that you’re curious to find out: Jakob & Du – is it a fit? Just find out. Allow us to demonstrate what makes an apprenticeship with us so special, and what you can grow into under our wings. Ready. Set. Go.

You’ll learn a whole bunch.

Really. A lot. Why? Because our client structure is ridiculously diverse. And because we give you room to act. We have a lot of confidence in you. And we know that people learn most quickly by jumping into the deep end.

Because we’ll never leave you hanging.

There’s quite a lot of us. And that’s a good thing. If you ever need a helping hand to pull you into shallow waters, you’ll find one here. Training with family: you’ll love it. That’s our promise.


Because you will get ahead with us.

You can grow together with us. In which direction? That’s entirely up to you! We offer your sporting spirit the space and perspective to unfold. Far beyond mere training.

The apprenticeships you can follow with us:

“This training is said to be most similar to university studies”, according to our apprentice Kim. And this might just be true. You have to dive deeply into the universe of taxation – and this means brushing up on lots of theory and laws that you need to be able to put into practice later on. During your apprenticeship, you switch to a new area every four months to learn everything you need to know: From financial and salary accounting up to tax returns and annual accounts. You scan, book, allocate, and support our team in receipt acknowledgement and management tasks and join client appointments up close. Step by step, you will assume more responsibility; in the third year of your apprenticeship, you’ll even take care of your own clients and smaller projects. Our apprentice Nicole shares this fun fact: “Whenever someone asks you for the posting key, don’t expect it to open any cabinets.” But don’t worry: using specialist terms such as this will become second nature after a while. After all, you’ll spend 1.5 days a week at the vocational school, quenching your thirst for knowledge with a hefty serving of theory. And after 2.5 to 3 years, you’ll be ready to take the final exam at the Chamber of Tax Advisors.

And what comes next? Well... your sporting spirit can let off some steam and develop itself with us: as a tax specialist or tax consultant, for example. All you need to do for now is: apply. Dive in. And show the world that you’re ready to blaze your own trail, together with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Go. Take the reins and set sail for your future.


You hold all the strings to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Become part of our administrative team and, as the title already says, manage our office. You are the ‘Welcome Manager’ for our clients and the first smile they’ll see at reception and hear over the phone. Support in the planning of events, booking training courses, and keep track of the availability of meeting rooms. Scan records, create mailings, take care of our post and put a smile on the face of our clients with birthday cards. It is exactly this infectious smile that you bring to work every day – while lightening the load for us by taking on office administration and assistant duties. You’ll attend vocational school for 1.5 days a week: The valuable theory you learn there can inspire fresh ideas that are of real value to our company. Your training will take 2.5 to 3 years. The valuable time you’ll spend with us can turn Jakob & Sozien into Jakob & you.

Here’s what Kim has to say:

“The training to become a tax clerk is tough but really exciting as well. Many political decisions directly impact our job: We have to stay on top of things – especially considering the diverse range of clients we have. As apprentices, we always help out exactly where we’re needed most. This way, I can learn a whole lot. Not just in terms of my studies.”

Kim-Fabienne Weerts, apprentice to become an Assistant Tax Consultant at Jakob & Sozien

What we expect from you

Curious and spirited

Whether you completed lower secondary education or a general qualification for university entrance: we prefer to focus on your attitude and willingness to dive in head first. Maybe you’ve already started or even completed an apprenticeship or studies before, and are now looking for a new challenge: You’ll find what you’re looking for with us.

Thirst for knowledge & autonomy.

You simply love going off the deep end to quench your thirst for knowledge. To acquire new skills and autonomously blaze your own trail.

Team spirit & willingness to help.

You’re a real team player. You ask for advice from our team, who’s always there to help whenever you get stuck. And you love helping wherever you’re needed most. Even when it concerns tasks that force you to venture beyond the familiar. Because you know: A life spent learning is a life well spent.

Fun Facts & Goodies

We’ve got a swing at our office.

Really... Several swings, to be precise. At the reception of our Kassel branch. Whenever you feel like taking a break, you can just start swinging.

Australia is just two minutes away from where we are.

Because we know a shortcut. Our meeting rooms bear the names of continents. Allowing you to travel across the globe while going about your daily business.


We reward good grades – with cold hard cash

Your bank account can look forward to a little something for every good grade on your record. Because we know our sporting spirit loves a good trigger. Yours too?

We love spending time together.

At our team events, you’ll soon see that we love each other’s company – paddling or at the BBQ. That’s why we’re always busy planning new adventures and shared experiences.

Jakob & you: It’s a fit?

Show us who you are. And whether you’re the right fit for us. Submit your application documents (cover letter, CV, references) to or apply directly online.

Your personal contact Johanna Jakob will get in touch with you.

If we hit it off, we look forward to getting to know you in person during an initial interview. Then, if we still think that Jakob & you are like peas in a pod, you are given the opportunity to spend some taster days with us. After all this, if it still feels like we’re a great match, your apprenticeship contract will be waiting for your signature.

Let’s go! We look forward to hearing from you.