Proactive thinking in business, taking initiative, and realising ideas with sustainable success: That’s my motivation.


Christoph Jakob

Christoph Jakob

Graduate Economist | Partner
Tax Consultant, expert advisor on
restructuring and business planning
(DStV e.V.)

100% entrepreneur. That’s the most fitting way to describe Christoph Jakob. His great passion? Making businesses succeed, recognising potential, initiating and accompanying processes – whether as a consultant or investor. After studying economics in Germany and the US, he took his first professional steps at McKinsey, ultimately gathering years of experience supporting large German and international companies as a Senior Consultant. However, he started to realise that consulting corporate groups no longer satisfied his great desire to become active as an entrepreneur himself.


A perfect professional environment

He found the opportunity to create a perfect professional environment for himself in the renowned auditing and tax consulting company of his father, Hans-Günter Jakob. He joined the firm in 2006, together with his sister Johanna. Under the leadership of the three family members, Jakob & Sozien developed into the unique company it is today: auditing and tax consulting that unites outstanding expertise and proactive and entrepreneurial thinking and acting.


Shaping business as an entrepreneur

Christoph Jakob’s motto: To be an excellent consultant to entrepreneurs, you have to be an entrepreneur yourself. Against the backdrop of changes in society taking place at breakneck speeds, future-oriented leadership pays off. Jakob & Sozien continuously expands the range of fields it consults on, integrates new and capable consultants as partners in its team, and forges its business ahead in terms of digitisation.


Expertise in Corporate Finance

As an expert consultant in the field of restructuring and business planning, Cristoph Jakob is now a sought-after expert on restructuring processes, business sales, and the accompaniment of start-ups. He is particularly passionate about supporting young companies, as a consultant or service provider, as an investor with stakes in over 15 startups and as the initiator of the investor club of Northern Hesse.

Even with such a busy professional and private life, the father of four still finds time to spend together with his family or on his athletic pursuits – taking trips on his road bike or hitting the slopes on his skis.



Economics at the University of Witten/Herdecke and Auckland Business School

    Professional experience

    • Senior Consultant at McKinsey & Company, Inc., Düsseldorf
    • Active in German and international industrial corporations, among others Daimler AG, Freightliner, Inc., USA, Volkswagen of South Africa, Plc.
    • Management of an Internet-based procurement platform for public institutions (B2G)

      Focus areas

      • Consulting and support for wealthy families
      • Restructuring, M&A
      • Controlling, reporting and financing (IPO, private placements)
      • Wealth succession and inheritance tax law
      • Tax design

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